Hi everybody, I’m Jared (the one in the middle).  Those are my parents Jim and Robin.

Now for a little about myself….

Let’s see, I grew up in New Jersey and I am the middle child of 3 which probably explains allot about my personality!  As a kid, I often liked to experiment with different & strange ingredients, mixing and mashing them up to create some of the craziest recipes on the planet.  To this day I can claim sole rights as the inventor of the Liverwurst-Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich (I’m pretty sure that is NOT worthy of a brag).

As an adult my taste buds have thankfully evolved and my obsession with cooking has taken a turn for the better.  Thus the birth of this website where I can express my joy of cooking with anyone who shares the same interests.

Here’s me at Thanksgiving making my famous Wild Mushroom Lasagna.

Jared Cutting up Some Mushrooms for the Lasagna

As far as my personal life, I come from a very close family.  My father was a professional firefighter in Newark New Jersey and my mom worked for a Doctor’s office.  I get the majority of my love of cooking from my mother, however, being a firefighter requires a level of cooking expertise as well so I cannot give her all the credit (you’re welcome pops!).


I have an older brother who I work with full time helping local businesses market their services to their general public.  My younger sister teaches 2nd graders, she is awesome with children!   Her and I have always been very close, getting into trouble together from all the way back in high school.

Both my siblings have a girl and a boy each making me the “Cool Uncle” of the group.  I often like to load my nieces and nephews up with sweets just before leaving; it’s very cruel to my brother and sister but the kids love it and I find it to be hysterical.

Anyway, that’s enough about me and my family.  This site is about the food!  So feel free to browse around and by all means please comment on any the recipes you try (good or bad)!  I love engaging with fellow foodies and try to make as much time as possible to do so.

Thanks again for visiting my website, this is my passion and I am happy that I can share it with you!